We are developing an online role-playing game that grows and evolves with the community - where a player's deeds and choices are woven into the very fabric of the game world.

I. Build the world and create its story.

Your surroundings are defined by you and your actions and decisions.

II. Contribute and be recognized.

Your ideas and stories change the game world for everyone.

III. New players will find equally good options to advance.

No matter where you start, there will always be ways to be the first or the best at something.

IV. Growing world, lasting immersion.

The world unfolds gradually and every day brings new stories. You can always find new adventures – whether you're a lone wolf or a party player.

V. Earn money with gameplay and content creation.

Live your dream life inside the game. Don't worry about time spent playing or creating game content – it can pay your bills.